3-11 July 2007
Merida, Mexico
Mexico/General timezone
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BAI, Xinhua (Bartol Research Institute, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware)
BEISEMBAEV, Rashid (P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS)
BERNLÖHR, Konrad (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany;Institut für Physik, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, Germany)
BOCK, R. (Max-Planck-Inst. für Physik, Munich, Germany)
CAPPA, Alba (National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), Torino - The Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics( INFN ), Torino - Italy)
CHEN, Songzhan (Key Laboratory of Particle Astrophysics, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China)