3-11 July 2007
Merida, Mexico
Mexico/General timezone
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Merida, Mexico - Regency (Hyatt)

Long-term VHE gamma-ray monitoring of bright blazars with a dedicated Cherenkov telescope


  • Markus MEYER

Primary authors


Abstract content

High-peaked BL Lacertae objects are the prime source population for studies with Cherenkov telescopes. It is obvious that monitoring observations of strong blazars are orthogonal to the mission of the larger Cherenkov telescopes, as H.E.S.S. and MAGIC with their discovery potential for new sources (luminosity function, redshift distribution). We propose to set up a Cherenkov telescope with low-cost but high performance design for robotic operation. The goal is to achieve long-term monitoring of bright blazars which will unravel the origin and nature of their variability. The telescope design is based on a technological upgrade of one of the former telescopes of the HEGRA collaboration on the Canarian Island La Palma (Spain). First studies will be presented.


Proceedings of the 30th International Cosmic Ray Conference; Rogelio Caballero, Juan Carlos D'Olivo, Gustavo Medina-Tanco, Lukas Nellen, Federico A. Sánchez, José F. Valdés-Galicia (eds.); Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, Mexico, 2008; Vol. 3 (OG part 2), pages 1495-1498