26-31 July 2021
Mexico City
Mexico/General timezone
HADRON 2021 is over. Thanks for making it a success!
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Mexico City -
Meson Spectroscopy

Charmonium-like resonances in $D\overline{D}$ scattering.


  • Dr. Sara COLLINS

Primary authors


I report on our recent work studying charmonium-like resonances on the lattice.The Luescher formalism with multiple volumes and inertial frames is employed on ensembles with a pion mass of around 280MeV.Elastic $D\bar{D}$ scattering in the $J^{PC}=1^{--}$ and $3^{--}$ channels and coupled $D\bar{D}$ and $D_s\bar{D}_s$ scattering in the $0^{++}$ and $2^{++}$ channels are investigated.The relevance of our results to the experimental spectrum in an energy region up to around 4.1 GeV is discussed.