26-31 July 2021
Mexico City
Mexico/General timezone
HADRON 2021 is over. Thanks for making it a success!
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Mexico City -
Meson Spectroscopy

Exploration of bottomonium states at Belle


  • Todd PEDLAR

Primary authors


We report the first measurement of exclusive cross sections for $e^+e^-\to B\bar{B}$, $B\bar{B}^\star$ and $B^\star\bar{B}^\star$ in an energy range 10.63-11.02 GeV. B mesons are reconstructed in a number of hadronic final states, and the three channels are separated with the beam-energy constrained mass. Results on $\Upsilon(5S)\to \Upsilon(1S,2S)\eta$ and $\Upsilon(1S)\eta^\prime$ branching fractions are also presented. In addition, we search for the $\chi_{bJ}(nP)\to\Upsilon(1S)\omega$ decay.