26-31 July 2021
Mexico City
Mexico/General timezone
HADRON 2021 is over. Thanks for making it a success!
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Mexico City -
Exotic Hadrons and Candidates

The $Z_{cs}(3985)$ structure in a coupled-channels model


  • Dr. Pablo G. ORTEGA

Primary authors



The existence of the recent $Z_{cs}(3985)^-$ can be expected from the well-established $Z_c(3900)$ and $Z_c(4020)$ states using SU(3) flavor symmetry. In this talk, we study the $Z_{cs}$ structure in a coupled-channels calculation, in the framework of a chiral constituent quark model which was used to explain the $Z_c$ structures. We are able to reproduce the $K^+$ recoil-mass spectrum without any fine tuning of the model parameters, and find a candidates for the $Z_c(4020)$ strange partner.