Hotel room costs:

  • Special rates have been negotiated with Hotel Colonial and we expect that all partcipants will be acomodated in the same hotel.
  •   Professors: 1015 MXN  per night, payable directly to hotel. Please mention the event to get this rate.
  •   Students: 400 MXN per night, room will be shared with other students. Payable through the bank account below, 2400 MXN total.

Event dinner, excursion, transportation:

  • Event dinner, excursion bus and beach day pass at Hotel San Carlos Plaza are included in the registration fee. Additional places can be purchased at a cost of 500 MXN for the dinner and 400 MXN for the beach pass, payable together with the registration fee.
  • Transportation between  Ignacio Pesqueira García International Airport  and Hotel Colonial (aproximately 150 MXN) must be arranged by each participant.

Registration fees:

  • Registration fee will cover meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), coffee break, the event dinner, and beach day pass.  
  • Profesors:  6000 MXN / 300 Dollar
  • Students: 4400 MXN / 220 Dollar

Student Scholarships (deadline August 31): 

  • A limited number of scholarships to cover the Hotel and/or Registration fees will be awarded.
  • The deadline to apply for these scholarships will be August 31 (before the registration deadline).
  • To apply for these scholarships please send an email to the organizing committee ( and including maximum ONE page letter (12 pt font)  stating: 1) name, 2) institution and level of study, 3) amount solicited (hotel and/or registration), 4) why you are interested in attending this school. In addition a short recomendation letter from your supervisor.


Payments (must be made before September 28):

Please use the  bank accounts below to make your payments.

  • Profesors: Registration fee
  • Students: Registration fee + Hotel 

Payments must be made before the registration deadline.

Payments in MXN
Name: Sociedad Mexicana de Fsica, A.C.
Bank name: BANAMEX (Suc.: 349)
Account number: 1866151
CLABE: 002180034918661519
Reference: MSPFDPyC2018

Payments in USD
Name: Sociedad Mexicana de Fsica, A.C.
Bank name: BANAMEX (Branch no.: 349)
Account number: 002180034993453470
Reference: MSPFDPyC2018