Multiparticle correlations and fluctuations: from small to large systems:
Fuqiang Wang (Purdue U.-USA) & Sandra S. Padula (IFT, UNESP-Brazil).

Hadronic final states in high p_T interactions:
Ralf Rapp (TAMU-USA) & Charles Gale (McGill U.-Canada). 

Forward physics and diffraction:
Martin Hentschinski (UDLA-Mexico) & Christophe Royon (Kansas U.-USA).

Perturbative and nonperturbative features of QCD:
Marcelo Loewe (PUC-Chile) &  Kenji Fukushima(U. Tokyo-Japan).

Collectivity in high-energy collisions: jets, flow and other aspects:
Jorge Noronha (USP-Brazil) & Bjorn Schenke (BNL-USA).

Proton structure, small- and large-x physics
Bruno El-Bennich (UCS-Brazil) & Amir Rezaeian (UFSM-Chile).

Cosmic ray and astroparticle physics
Mario Rodriguez (BUAP-Mexico) & Juan Carlos Arteaga (IFM-UMSNH-Mexico).