From International Airport  of Mexico City  to Hotel Posada San Francisco in Tlaxcala ity

Participants arriving on Sunday, September 10 to Mexico City’s international airport will be taken by bus to the conference hotel in Tlaxcala City. There will be one bus departing at 13:00 hrs. and another one at 19:00 hrs. Please plan your flight accordingly. More details will be provided shortly. For those not taking the conference buses, the easiest way to reach Tlaxcala City from Mexico City’s international airport is to take a taxi to the east bus station (TAPO). From there you can take a bus to Tlaxcala City. The only bus line providing a direct service to Tlaxcala City is ATAH. From the bus station in Tlaxcala City take a taxi to Hotel Posada San Francisco. Schedule, prices and duration of the ride can be checked (only Spanish) in