Altas Energías

Cosmological Limits to Non-Standard Interactions of the Neutrino

by Dr. Abdel Pérez Lorenzana (CINVESTAV-IPN)

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 from to (Mexico/General)
at ICN-UNAM ( Salón de Seminarios de Gravitación y Altas Energías, A225. )
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Along with photons, neutrinos are the most abundant particles in the
Universe. Despite being very light, they play a key role in cosmic
evolution, impacting both the synthesis process of light nuclei, as well as
the profile and amplitude of the cosmic microwave background perturbations.
In addition, they contribute to fix the matter power spectrum through its
role on baryon oscillations (BAO) and large-scale structure formation.
Because of this, cosmological data provides a very useful channel to explore
for some properties of the neutrinos.

Standard cosmology is primarily sensitive to the number of neutrino species
and the sum of their masses, while nucleosynthesis is also sensitive to the
decoupling temperature of neutrino interactions. However, the possible
existence of exotic neutrino interactions can effectively alter these
parameters, offering the possibility of using cosmology to explore and
derive observational bounds for non-standard neutrino physics. Along this
talk we will comment on recent results regarding scalar mediated neutrino

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