14-16 November 2019
Pierre Auger Observatory
America/Mendoza timezone

20th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Pierre Auger Observatory

The Pierre Auger Observatory is the world-wide largest cosmic ray detector, covering an area of 3000 km2. It is operated by a collaboration of more than 400 scientists from 17 countries. The aim of the Observatory is the study of the highest-energy particles of the cosmos, up to 1020 electronvolts and above. Data of the Auger Observatory led to major advances in our understanding of high-energy phenomena linked to the most violent processes in the Universe. Scientific breakthroughs have been achieved in several fields. Still, the sources of the particles of such extreme energies have not been identified. In addition, the properties of multiparticle production are studied at energies not covered by man-made accelerators searching for new or unexpected changes of hadronic interactions. The currently ongoing upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory, called AugerPrime, will help to address also those remaining open questions and will favor the emergence of a uniquely consistent picture.

The Scientific Symposium, Science Fair and official Celebration will take place in Malargüe (Province Mendoza, Argentina), at the site of the Pierre Auger Observatory.

The event is organized as follows:

  • 14-15 November: Scientific Symposium focused on UHE cosmic rays, cosmic ray sources and propagation, high-energy neutrinos and gamma rays, hadronic interactions and multi-messenger astronomy, with an overview on the status and perspectives of astroparticle physics. Scientific presentations on the status of the field will be given. In parallel a Science Fair set up in co-operation with local schools, involving students in a friendly competition for the best scientific project, will be held at the Auger Assembly Building. The meeting will be concluded with a half-day guided tour to the Observatory to get an insight of the Fluorescence and Surface detectors.
  • 16 November, Saturday: Official Celebration Ceremony to recognize the role of the Pierre Auger Observatory with the participation of national and international VIPs and members of financial institutions supporting the project.

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Starts 14 Nov 2019 08:00
Ends 16 Nov 2019 23:30
Pierre Auger Observatory
RN40 2950, Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina