The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Division of Cosmic Rays of the Mexican Physical Society will be held Online, from 23 to 26 November, 2019.

The purpose of the annual meeting is to gather scientists, postdocs and students of different areas in astroparticle physics to discuss recent advances in this broad field and to offer them the opportunity to present their recent results.

The Scientific Programme of the past 2018 and 2019 Annual Meetings can be found at and

The 2020 Annual Meeting of the DRC-SMF is organized by the Division of Cosmic Rays of the Mexican Physical Society with the collaboration of INAOE, UNACH, Cinvestav, BUAP, UMSNH, IPN and Universidad de Morelia.

The meeting is not limited to members of the Division of Cosmic Rays.

Important dates:

The registration deadline is October 30th, 2020. The participants with accepted presentations will be notified by November 9th, 2020. All the participants with accepted presentations must confirm their participation within the next week of their notification.

Starts 23 Nov 2020 09:55
Ends 26 Nov 2020 14:35

Zoom data:

Meeting ID: 878 2085 7056
Passcode: *g$XBs=8

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Organizing Committe

  • Luis Villaseñor (Universidad de Morelia, President of DRC-SMF)
  • Ibrahim Torres (INAOE, Vice President of DRC-SMF)
  • Karen S. Caballero (UNACH, Secretary of DRC-SMF)
  • Rebeca López, Treasurer of DRC-SMF (BUAP)
  • Humberto Salazar (BUAP)
  • Arnulfo Zepeda (Cinvestav)
  • Alberto Carramiñana (INAOE)
  • Rodrigo Pelayo (IPN)
  • Juan Carlos Arteaga (UMSNH)
  • Magdalena González (UNAM)
  • Rubén Alfaro (UNAM)