21-25 November 2022
Edificio Carolino, BUAP
Mexico/General timezone



  • Symmetries and their massive consequences (Myriam Mondragón, IFUNAM-México)

  • Latest results of the ALICE Collaboration and plans for ALICE3 (Ana María Marín García, GSI Darmstadt-Germany)

  • Physics with intact protons at the LHC: from the odderon discovery to the sensitivity to beyond standard model physics (Christophe Royon, University of Kansas-USA) 

  • International Particle Physics Outreach Group: Celebrating 25 years of global engagement (Steven Goldfarb, CERN-Switzerland)

  • Amplitudes: A modern approach to QFT and Gravity (Lorenzo Díaz, BUAP-México)

  • The Codex-b experiment (Michael K. Wilkinson, University of Cincinnati)

  • Lorentz violation in electromagnetic moments of fermions (Héctor Novales, BUAP-México) 

  • Study of lepton flavor and lepton number violating processes (Gerardo Hernández Tomé, IFUNAM-México)

  • Muon Experiments present and future (Carlos Chávez, University of Liverpool-UK)

  • Ultraperipheral heavy-ion collisions in Run3 - verification of what we know or new physics? (Mariola Kłusek-Gawenda, Crawcow-INP-Poland)

  • Geometrical causality: casting Feynman integrals into quantum algorithms (Germán Sborlini, Universidad de Salamanca-España)

  • Review on particle Dark Matter (Roberto A. Lineros Rodríguez, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile)

  • Upgrades of the CMS detector (Raúl Iraq Rabadán Trejo, Texas A&M University-USA)

  • SPD detector at NICA (Alexey Guskov, Spokeperson of the NICA-SPD Collaboration, JINR project leader, LNP-JINR-Russia)

  • MPD physics program and its potential for first physics measurements, (Victor Riabov,  Spokesperson of  MPD Collaboration)

  • Status and future plans of the JINR-NICA project  (Anatoly Sidorin, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia)
  • Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory, CREDO (David Edwin Alvarez Castillo, INP-Polish Academy of Sciences)

  • I.ANN QCD: The Inter-American Network of Networks of QCD challenges  (Daniel Tapia Takaki, University of Kansas-USA)

  • Radiative corrections in semileptonic tau decays and new physics test (Pablo Roig, CINVESTAV - México)

  • Search for heavy resonances decaying to ZZ or ZW and axion-like particles nonresonant  ZZ or ZH production at 13 TeV (Rogelio Reyes Almanza, CINVESTAV - México)

  • Searching of new physics with low-energy neutrinos (Omar Miranda, CINVESTAV-México)

  • Characterization of the background for a neutrino search with HAWC observatory (Hermes León, IFUNAM - México)

  • Fluctuations and correlations in multiparticle production processes (Maciej Rybczynski, Institute of Physics, Jan Kochanowski University - Poland)

  • Decomisioning of Nuclear Power Plants in Germany (Edgar Pérez Lezama, Project Engineer at Safetec-Germany)

  • CMS experimental results (Isabel Pedraza, BUAP-México)

  • LHCb summary talk (Mick Mulder, University of Groningen-Netherlands)

  • Luminosity measurements in LHC experiments (Gabriella Pasztor, Budapest, ELTE Institute of Physics, Budapest - Hungary)

  • QGP in small systems (Livio Bianchi, INFN sez Torino - Italy)

  • Off-shell couplings (Alan Hernández Juárez, FCFM-BUAP)

  • Dipolo cromomagnético del quark top del vértice de cuatro cuerpos (Javier Montaño, UMSNH-México)

  • Data analysis in industry (Xitzel Sánchez Castro, Data Science Professional | Certified Scrum Master)

  • Las muchas caras de la materia nuclear en condiciones extremas (Alejandro Ayala, ICN-UNAM - México)