from 31 May 2021 to 4 June 2021
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A Study of J/\psi Decays into baryon-antibaryon pairs


  • Nikolay KIVEL

Primary authors


The suppressed helicity flip amplitude in baryon-antibaryon decays of $J/\psi$ is calculated within the effective field theory framework. It is shown that at the leading-order approximation this contribution is factorisable and the overlap with the hadronic final state can be described by collinear matrix elements. The obtained contribution depends on the nucleon light-cone distribution amplitudes of twist-3 and twist-4. The obtained result is used for a qualitative phenomenological analysis of existing data: branching ratios and the angular distributions $\alpha_B$ of the cross section $e^+e^-\to J/\psi\to B\bar B$.