from 28 November 2016 to 2 December 2016
Hotel Rincón del Arco
Mexico/General timezone
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Hotel Rincón del Arco - Salón Giralda

Some new aspects of double parton scattering effects in the reactions with at least single charm production


  • Prof. Antoni SZCZUREK

Primary authors


Abstract content

In this presentation we discuss some new aspects of double parton scattering in $p p \to c \bar c c \bar c X$ and $p p \to c \bar c jet jet X$. For double $c \bar c$ production we consider rather production of charmed mesons, each of them containing quark $c$ or each of them containg antiquark $\bar c$. Results of two different models are compared. In one of them the D mesons are produced in a fragmentation of $c$ quarks (or $\bar c$ antiquarks) with scale independent fragmentation functions. In another model, with scale dependent fragmentation functions, $D$ mesons may be produced also from fragmentation of (large $p_t$) gluons. We consider both single scattering and double scattering contributions. Many new double parton scattering mechanisms appear in the second approach. The distributions of charm quarks and antiquarks and gluonic jets are calculated within $k_t$-factorization method. The LHCb data for double mesons production can be described in both methods, however, with different parameter of so-called $\sigma_{eff}$. The charm production associated with one and two jets is calculated including single parton scattering mechanisms as well as double scattering mechanisms. The two mechanisms are compared for $D^0$ meson production in association with dijets. The regions of dominance of the double scattering term is identified. Predictions for LHC are presented. This presentation will be based on:

1) R. Maciu{\l}a, V. Saleev, A. Shipilova and A. Szczurek, ``New mechanisms for double charmed meson production at the LHCb'', Phys. Lett. {\bf B758} (2016) 458.

2) R. Maciula and A. Szczurek, a paper in preparation.