18-22 January 2016
Hotel Montetaxco, Taxco Guerro Mexico
Mexico/General timezone
The aim of this workshop is to discuss the progress on the understanding of the dynamics in dense QCD systems, like those, which can be created in high multiplicity pp and pA collisions. A review of the most recent experimental and theoretical results will be done with special emphasis to discuss how this knowledge can be extrapolated to the systems created in ultra relativistic heavy ion collisions, where QCD phases transitions are expected to occur.

Topics to be covered

  • Latest results on pp, pA and AA collisions at the RHIC and at the LHC.QCD systems with high density of color charges.
  • QCD inspired MC generator
  • Multiparton interactions, color reconnection, event shapes, etc.


The first international workshop on QCD challenges at the LHC will be held in Taxco, Guerrero, México, from January 18th to 21st., 2016. Taxco is a very picturesque silver mining town about 100 km from Mexico City.

The workshop is aiming at a limited number of participants to facilitate discussions (around 40 participants)


The workshop will be hosted by Monte Taxco Hotel,

Please book a room yourself in Hotel Monte Taxco at http://www.montetaxco.mx
using the code: UNAM. Special rates have been arranged for participants who book a room not latter than 30/10.

Single room: 92 USD
Twin room 118 USD
Breakfast and lunch are included. The weather in January is perfect to enjoy the hotel piscine!

The deadline for registration is October 30th . The registration fee is 150 US Dls, which will be paid at registration desk. You can register at:



Reaching the Venue

How to reach Taxco from Mexico City International Airport (Benito Juárez).

The Bus trip from Mexico City to Taxco takes about two and a half hours.

There are two ways to reach Taxco:

  1. Take the bus to Cuernavaca at the airport terminal. It will take one and a half hours to reach Cuernavaca and it costs ~ 200 MX pesos. Schedules and rates can be found here:


Once you have reached Cuernavaca bus station, buy a new ticket to Taxco. It will take one and a half hours and it costs ~ 90 MX pesos. Schedules and rates can be found here:



  1. Leave Mexico City airport and go to bus terminal Tasqueña (Central del Sur Tasqueña). This terminal can be reached by Taxi, the costs is ~ 280 MX pesos. You are strongly encouraged to use only authorized taxis:


Once at Terminal Tasqueña, you can buy a ticket for a trip to Taxco.


If you arrive to Mexico City later than 16:00, you should consider staying one night in Mexico City. Hotel El Diplomatico is a good option:


The organization are planning to arrange transportation on Sunday from Mexico City to Taxco, it will be confirmed in the next announcement

Please contact the organizers for further information at: qcdchallengeslhc@correo.nucleares.unam.mx

International advisory committee
Federico Antinori (CERN, Switzerland)
Peter Christiansen (Lund, Sweden)
Paolo Giubellino (CERN, Switzerland)
Larry MacLerran (BNL, USA)
Andreas Morsch (CERN, Switzerland)
Jurgen Schukraft (CERN, Switzerland)
Jun Takahashi (UNICAMP, Brazil)

Local Organizing Commitee:
Cuautle, Eleazar
Hess, Peter
Ortiz, Antonio
Paic, Guy
Toledo, Genaro
Starts 18 Jan 2016 08:00
Ends 22 Jan 2016 18:00
Hotel Montetaxco, Taxco Guerro Mexico