from 28 November 2016 to 2 December 2016
Hotel Rincón del Arco
Mexico/General timezone
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Three polarized partons in DIS at small x


  • Dr. Maria Elena TEJEDA-YEOMANS

Primary authors


Abstract content

In this talk we present the key tools developed in a study of QCD dynamics at small x, through hadron azimuthal angular correlations. We calculate the triple differential cross section for inclusive production of three polarized partons in DIS at small x, where the target proton or nucleus is described using the Color Glass Condensate (CGC) formalism. Furthermore, we discuss how our analytic expressions can also be used to calculate the real part of the Next to Leading Order (NLO) corrections to di-hadron production in DIS. Finally, we present numerical results for angular correlations using kinematics relevant for our study and for the future. Throughout the talk we highlight the use of the spinor helicity formalism to achieve these results and its role in future studies.


Talk based on work reported in "Polarized 3 parton production in inclusive DIS at small x" by A. Ayala, M. Hentschinski, J. Jalilian-Marian and M.E. Tejeda-Yeomans. Published in Phys.Lett. B761 (2016) 229-233. arXiv:1604.08526 [hep-ph]