9-13 August 2021
Mexico/General timezone

The Division of Particles and Fields of the Mexican Physical Society (DPyC-SMF) announces the XIX Mexican School of Particles and Fields to be held completely online on August 9-13, 2021 due to the pandemics. The conference will consist of plenary and contributed talks as well as special courses aimed at undergraduate and graduate students on the topics of the conference.


• Astroparticles and Cosmic Rays

• Electroweak and Flavor Physics

• Hadronic Physics and Strong Interactions

• New Physics and Neutrinos

• Quantum Field Theory and Gravity


All the information about the event will be updated on the website




Special courses for students and young researchers on the topics of the conference will be delivered and made available online through different platforms.



During the XIX School of Particles and Fields, two tributes will be held in honor of Prof. Arnulfo Zepeda and the former president of DPyC-SMF, Prof. Salvador Carrillo.




Karen Salomé Caballero Mora [Vice President DPyC-SMF] (FCFM-UNACH)

Alfredo Raya [Chair] (IFM-UMSNH) Alejandro Ayala (ICN-UNAM)

L. Xiomara Gutiérrez-Guerrero (MCTP-CONACyT)

Alberto Carramiñana (INAOE)

Luis Villaseñor (UMSNH)

Pablo Roig (CINVESTAV)

David Delepine (DCI-UG)

Luis Alberto Hernández Rosas (CBI-UAMI)

J. Javier Cobos Martínez (UNISON)

Carlos Vaquera (DCI-UG-CONACyT)

Roger Hernández- Pinto (FCFM-UAS)

J. Lorenzo Díaz-Cruz (FCFM-BUAP

Starts 9 Aug 2021 08:00
Ends 13 Aug 2021 20:00