Reunión grupo MEXniCA

Thursday, 20 September 2018 from to (America/Mexico_City)
at Vidyo

BeBe: The Beam Beam Counter for MPD-NICA experiment Click HERE to Join to the vidyo conference PIN: 7648


Slava Golovatyuk

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for the paper. It shows interesting and promising results for MPD.
In order to use such detector as a trigger and T0 generator, we would like to see its efficiency in case of low energy beams (sqrt(s)=4GeV/n)
and light nuclei (say, carbon or even protons). Existing FFD design is not efficient at colliding beam energy 4GeV/n and for protons.
Also, for good time resolution FFD uses gammas from pi-zero. Your approach will not be efficient for detection of gammas in energy range 10-200MeV.
May be because of its size it will be possible with such detector to use fast charged  secondaries (which speed close to the speed of light)  
It would be useful to do simulation.
On the picture 11 you miss one letter (c)  in the last line “BC422, 1(c)m thickness
For reaction plane reconstruction it would be useful to see combine results of FHCal and Be-Be detector.
With regards,

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