Altas Energías

Forward Physics at the LHC using tagged protons

by Prof. Christophe Royon (University of Kansas)

Wednesday, 6 September 2017 from to (Mexico/General)
at ICN-UNAM ( Salon de seminarios de Gravitación y Altas Energías )
Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Avenida Universidad No. 3000, Col. UNAM-C.U. Distrito Federal, C.P. 04510, México
In this talk, we will first describe some QCD studies that can be
performed with tagged protons at the LHC, going from a better
understanding of diffractive phenomena to the search for new QCD effects
such as Balitski Fadin Kuraev Lipatov resummation effects. We will then
mention beyond standard model studies that can be performed using photon
exchange processes in order to study quartic anomalous couplings and
search for extra-dimensions with unprecedented precision.
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